Business Continuity

Business Continuity is both a simple and complicated issue.  Simple in as much as that for smaller businesses you need to understand your business and how it might be affected by events beyond your control. How you respond and deal with these and how you continue to maintain your services to clients.

Complicated for larger businesses in that you may have multi level supply chains or deliver against contracts to clients.  Saying sorry we can’t operate for two days because of ‘X’ will not cut the mustard with a client.

So how do we manage in these times of contingency management?

Every business, small or large, local or national needs to be able to respond to some kind of contingency.  As an example I was at a clients premises the other week when there was a power outage. I asked the client if they had a plans to deal with such contingencies and they said they did not. So how would they cope? How would they continue with managing their business? Do they have employees and clients trying to contact them only to be met with the unobtainable tone on the telephone.

Business Continuity Management (BCM), is often described as ‘just common sense’. It is about taking responsibility for your business and enabling it to stay on course whatever storms it is forced to weather. It is about “keeping calm and carrying on”!

Of course keeping calm and just carrying on means that you have to plan for that to start with. A Business Continuity Plan is often the first point of action for any business.

The following video form the Business Continuity Institute puts BCM into perspective.

Business Continuity Management is part of our Fit to Tender Gap Analysis that we carry out for clients. This adds much high level value to a business prior to tendering, or during tendering but prior to submission. In addition, if you are frustrated because you are not winning tenders then there is probably a fundamental issue in your tender fitness. Our unique work gets to the bottom of the problem, offering solutions that will help you to win your next contract. Please do get in touch so we can explain how this can work for you.

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