Tender Support

How to spend your time to win your next tender submission

A question we ask clients on many occasions. To be honest we never get a really strong answer.  Small business owners have so many balls to juggle, so the answer, even when the prize could transform their business, seems to be difficult to articulate. Quite often the client will ask us ‘How do you think I should spend my time’?

Tendering and Procurement support in Essex

Writing tenders and responding to SQQ’s (PQQ’s), and ITT’s takes time, energy and knowledge, and will take a lot of valuable tender preparation time with the additional use of staff resources. Many public sector tenders often seem very daunting to tackle to many inexperienced tenderer’s. Maximising your chances of success is therefore of prime importance. If you are looking for professional tendering and procurement support in Essex, then BIZphit are here to help with your tendering and procurement needs.

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