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Public Sector tendering provides a major opportunity for many UK businesses. An opportunity to win new business, to increase profit, turnover and market penetration. In the UK alone more than half of all commercial trade is conducted via the tender process with business valued at in excess of £300 billion. There are significant opportunities for any business to WIN a new contract.

To understand just how big this figure is, its larger than the gross domestic product of say Belgium. This is a massive amount, and to generalise, there isn’t much the public sector don’t buy across all sectors.

Helping clients to find the right contract opportunity is also one of our services, not all contracts are good for your business. Focus is without doubt a good investment in your time.

Yet, despite the potential value, many businesses do not consider tendering as a core aspect of their current of future business strategy. As tendering specialists, we hear business owners saying that to enter the tendering process is just too costly and too much of a hit and miss affair. It adds, so is said, too much complexity to their already complex business models.

It would seem that one of the major reasons for not choosing the tendering journey is resources not being available, which is connected to time effort and energy needed. It’s surprising that given the benefits of having a sound marketing and sales in place, more mature businesses do not go down the tendering route.

There is no doubt that supporting clients as we do, we do help them to get the best out of finite resources. We often become an integral part of their tendering and tender processes. Essentially, we are the strength behind our client’s business from a tendering point of view, an extension of their team carrying out the tendering work and responses for them.

I’m thinking of a local Essex client who over a period of about two years had made a number of submissions, but with no dedicated tendering team wasn’t really making very much headway. Frustration and cynicism crept in, and in addition they really weren’t ‘Tender Fit’. So, the tendering process took resources away from the everyday work of running the business but with no hope of ever winning a tender.

We engaged with the client on this helping them top understand the strategic tendering process and what buyers will expect from suppliers and how to make measurable steps to becoming Tender fit.

We have now seen this client go from strength to strength, and as they have come to terms with the benefits of this sales growth they have won two new contracts. This qualifies and substantiates the decision to engage more soundly in the tendering process with us and to justify the investment for Directors.

We can do the same for you. If you’ve never tendered before, or are unsure of the process and procedure then we can support you. Do get in touch we’d love to hear from you and to help you rocket your business with a contract win in 2017.

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