Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR overview.

Today’s consumers (including Local Authorities and Government Departments), hold businesses more accountable than ever before. They’re looking for more than just material products or quality services when choosing a company to work with. Buyers expect suppliers to not only make a profit, but also operate responsibly to address social and environmental issues. In one study, eighty-four percent of global consumers said they seek out responsible products whenever possible.

Recognising how important social responsibility is to their customers, many companies now focus on and practice across broad categories of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Why CSR matters to buyers.

All stakeholders of a business seek to understand and value the mission of the company. Why do they invest, buy from and support in it?

For the Public Sector, CSR is undoubtedly one of the most exciting areas of innovation, both for businesses and for local government. Increasingly, businesses are embracing the opportunities presented by partnerships for community regeneration and development and relationships. These are being explored to benefit the private, public and voluntary sectors. There is, and always will be evolving relationships between the public sector and suppliers. The Public Sector are in troubled times, every penny from the kitty must be accounted for and there is always an interest in how the relationship with commercial suppliers can be improved.

So CSR is about added value. Commercial ‘for profit’ businesses putting back into the community when awarded a public sector contract. It’s part of the corporate responsibility to not just provide but to serve and add to the community more broadly.

The following video explains the concept of CSR.

CSR is part of the Fit to Tender Gap Analysis that we carry out for clients. This adds much high level value to a business prior to tendering, or during tendering but prior to submission. In addition, if you are frustrated because you are not winning tenders then there is probably a fundamental issue in your tender fitness. Our unique work gets to the bottom of the problem, offering solutions that will help you to win your next contract. Please do get in touch so we can explain how this can work for you.

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