What is Contracts Finder and how to use it for growth

In a previous blog we spoke about selling goods and services to the Public Sector. But finding a suitable contract can be a baptism of fire for most SME’s. Contracts Finder is an online resource that lets you search for information about contracts worth over £10,000 with the UK Central Government and its agencies. You can also find Local Authority and other quasi-Public Sector Bodies on this website. So, this blog looks at what Contracts Finder is and how to use it for business growth.

You can use Contracts Finder to:

  • Search for contract opportunities in different sectors
  • Find out what’s coming up in the future
  • Look up details of previous tenders and contracts

You can create an account to get email updates and save your searches. However, you can still search and apply for contracts without an account, but it is best to take a few extra minutes to register so you can receive feeds straight to your inbox, and to receive updates for contract opportunities.

You have to bear in mind that this is a public sector resource, so you might wish to start with this feed and possibly move on to a more commercial model for contract feeds if you feel that you’d find better use of your time.

If you have budget and a business development strategy, then for about sub £1k there are commercial portals that will give you regular measured, targeted feeds.  The advantage of this is that you don’t spend time doing the things that take your time and energy. With targeted feeds you simply respond to a notification if the feed fits your business.

As with all of these types of feeds, keep the notifications focused or you will find yourself inundated with irrelevant information. If you don’t you’ll soon get cheesed off with being fed bags of information that doesn’t really apply to your business. You’ll simply not bother to look at your emails if this happens.

Get your FREE Contracts Finder Guide

So, to make your task of using Contracts Finder easier, we have a few download for you – Click on the link to obtain a free copy of The Contracts Finder User Guide.

Lastly, in addition to the BIZphit online resources, we also provide a full business consultancy service. We are experts who provide hands on practical help. The content you see and read online demonstrates our expertise and our professional approach. We do things to a very high standard and helping clients to win more business.

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