Awesome 14 point checklist to help you WIN more contracts

Need a lift with your tender submissions? We have a few enquiries each week asking us about the submission of tenders. As those tendering will tell you, submitting a tender can often be confusing and difficult, yet the rewards can give your business a fantastic lift. However, the task can be made much easier and less daunting if you follow some simple rules. So, here are 14 of our top awesome tendering tips to assist you in submitting your tender.


Before going through the tips always confirm the tender procedure and estimated value. Make sure you’re clear on all abbreviations and terms used.

Here is our 14 point checklist to help you WIN more contracts:

  1. Confirm the award marking scheme and weightings
  2. Always ask questions on anything that is not clear in the notice or that you are unclear about
  3. Read the notice and accompanying documentation thoroughly, make sure you understand what is being asked of by the bidder.
  4. Prepare a spreadsheet or similar document of the basic information that is being requested. Can you respond with everything being asked for? This will include such things as insurance details, references and financial information
  5. If this information is paper based make digital copies of all your tender documents, tendering processes are increasingly digital
  6. Make sure you have support or create a ‘bid team’ comprised of a number of staff members. Alternatively, you could use a tendering consultancy such as ours. Follow this link to BIZphit to see how we can support you. Never attempt the process alone. Different perspectives will allow you to create a comprehensive bid response.
  7. Don’t be put off by the tender documentation – its never as difficult as it may first seem. Generally, the higher the value the more rigour there will be required in the response
  8. You must provide all of the information being requested. If you do not or cannot you may not be considered for the next stage or as a potential provider, if in doubt ask for advice.
  9. Don’t include extra material in your submission unless you have specifically been asked to or it forms part of your justifiable response
  10. Always cross-reference the answers or responses in your tender to the questions in the invitation to tender document. This will make your response more logical and much easier for the procurement and evaluation panel team to score
  11. Be clear on your pricing model. Always state any assumptions you have made when pricing
  12. Does your bid add value or include innovations? Does your bid include any current Government initiatives?
  13. You must complete and return the tender by the given time and date and make sure to sign anything that should be signed. Incomplete or late tenders will not be taken forward to evaluation
  14. If you are unsuccessful, make sure you ask for feedback.

This above list is available as a PDF download, you’ll find it in our useful information section.

There are obviously many other issues to be considered, but in all honesty you have to look at the basics and work through them in a measured and methodical manner. If you do so, you are more likely to make the biggest impact on your ability to win and secure a new contract.

We also have a top 10 tips to help with tender submissions which you can find on our main website.

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