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Welcome to the BIZphit Tender Blog. A blog for building tendering knowledge and to give you know-how. We also provide you with content to help you with your next contract – We’ll help you win knowing that you really are moving your business to a higher level. Our blog posts and tendering resources will give you knowledge, insight and guidance on how to make the best submission possible.

Tendering can be a medium term investment for a long term gain. If you are looking for a quick fix for your turnover then you probably won’t find it in tendering. However, if you are looking to make gains over a period with a commitment to tendering activity then our blog and resources will certainly be of tremendous use to you.

Remember, hard work will produce results, there is no easy way through this . Rather you will need to provide consistent, focused attention to your tendering activity. Example blog posts and resources included below will help you to overcome most of the major issues. Subjects cover everything from tender tips, through submissions and re-bids.  Tendering can be a complicated process full of jargon. We aim to reduce the jargon, place it into plain business language and help you win that next contract. A few of our blog entries are below:

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